The Pelican has long been a symbol that holds great affinity with seafarers who would find their way back to land after a long voyage to celebrate their homecoming. Taking its cue to this philosophy, at The Pelican, we are inspired to recreate these same experiences where diners will feel welcome and at home in the inviting setting to enjoy the warm hospitality and comforting food that await them.

Borrowing influences from the glamorous era of luxurious sea travel, The Pelican’s interior boasts an eclectic mix of vintage curios, elegant black-and-white marble-tiled flooring, and large copper framed glass doors that look out to the panorama outside. Perhaps the most striking features are the ceiling and wall panels that are fashioned from gleaming laser-cut copper plates for added lustre. Injecting additional playful touches are the specially commissioned oversized acrylic seahorse art pieces in hot pink, as well as exposed tear-drop vintage globes on thin wires that smartly mimic the angler fish and anchor the cushy leather booth seats for groups at the main dining room.

Guests can watch the bartenders in action at the seven-metre-long marble-top bar counter as they prepare The Pelican’s signature cocktails. At the outdoor veranda, one can also relax and enjoy the views of the Marina Bay district.

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